When people tell me, "it's just a little spider"

You don't get into apologetics to get "big traffic". If you do, you're kidding yourself. Just don't worry about it, and you'll be okay.

“I think regular, ordinary, every-day obedience is transformative to the culture.”

—Summer Jaeger

(Aka Summer Free Willy White, but that’s a different story)

Our family is going through the stress of packing 10 suitcases for our return to West Africa when I suddenly realized how blessed we are that not all of our worldly possessions can fit in 10 suitcases. It made me think about holocaust survivors and refugees who escape with 1 suitcase or less. Our cup overflows.

Inaugural toot: if Jonathan Edwards lived today, would "avoid social media" be one of his resolutions?


terrafirma.space Is this thing on? Hello?