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I can’t wait for another presidential campaign season of “don’t you know that by not voting for _______________ you’re helping to destroy America?!!” from both sides as they *gasp* at my 3rd party vote. 🙃

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Paper is white.

Also, this is terminally silly.

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Library collections continue to promote and proliferate whiteness with their very existence and the fact that they are physically taking up space in our libraries. Via @sofiayleung@twitter.com ow.ly/MARS50qs1bE

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Because you don't grasp the whole "correlation does not imply causation" thing?

Just a wild guess, though.

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Every time I hear @prophiphop@twitter.com say,

"Why do you love your guns more than our sons."

I shudder because it's so incredibly true.

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Also, love the demonization of the Huguenots in all these great hot takes.

Gotta love all the "Calvinists" seemingly unaware of the inarguably historical iconoclasm of the Reformers.

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Protestant vs. Protestant on how I’m required to feel about Notre Dame is the most boring Twitter.

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I'm sad for Paris and Parisians (and I am sad) in the same way that I would be sad if something happened to the Eiffel. I have zero religious ties to a cathedral, the ruling seat of a chief idolater - but I am sad for Parisians in the damage to a beautiful and historic edifice.

If that sounds iconoclastic - good. That's exactly what it is. If being consistently Protestant is offensive, then so be it. I disliked the iconography of Notre Dame (and all iconography) before the fire, so it's hardly inconsistent to say it (again) in public, is it?

I get that we are to weep with those who weep - but we are not to mourn as those who have no hope - and there is no hope in the Roman sacramental system. I mourn the loss of objective beauty, but not the loss of the things themselves, which are idols, in an idolatrous religion.

I'm ambivalent about the destruction, simply because I can't help but wish that all shrines for idols perish. At the same time, I mourn the loss of objective beauty, which demonstrates the Imago Dei, even in the works of idolaters - much as I consider the Parthenon or Taj Mahal.

I don't visit St. Louis Cathedral while I'm in New Orleans, despite all the outward beauty. Notre Dame is clearly beautiful - but don't forget that it's an idolatrous shrine for a false religion, and the seat - cathedra - of an archbishop of that false religion.

I don't regret the first impulse of horror at all - or the second impulse, although it was stronger than I realized it would be - but I'm a bit ashamed of the last one.

I shouldn't have that antipathy towards the French. I repent of it.

It's weird, the strains of cultural antipathies that you find within yourself. At the same time I was horrified to hear about the fire at Notre Dame, I was also ambivalent, because of how many idolatrous works were being destroyed - and a bit amused, because it was a French icon.

If we drop the voting age to 3yo, it might improve the maturity level of the electorate.

Why do people from monocultural backgrounds nearly always seem to be the ones lecturing everyone else about how monocultural they are?

Anyone notice that clickbait headlines and teasers are the opposite of a good idea when trying to engage with a serious topic?

Yeah, so did everyone else, except the people using them like they're writing for Buzzfeed pre-layoffs.

What's up with all the statist insistence on forcing social media companies to carry your ad content?

Support whatever you want - but at least do so consistently.

I bet you thought I meant opponents of "whiteness". No, I mean "white" proponents of "whiteness". If what they say about "whiteness" is true, why are *they* saying it, further exercising their privilege, and intruding on "black spaces"? Aren't they "colonizing" at that point?

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