As I pointed out the other day - this is intersectionality - and notice that a black student's tweets - as a minor - are considered more privileged than anything from an LGBTQ.

This is how intersectionality works - and what we're being asked to adopt in the church. No thanks.

RT On the night of a life highlight for this kid. Pathetic just pathetic.


I see "white gay male" has surpassed "black hetero male" on the current Critical Theory power/oppression hierarchy.

The more you know, right?

That tribute from W is exactly how I want to be remembered by my children.

Social justice, guys.
RT Words matter, and as our understanding of social justice evolves, our language evolves along with it. Here’s how to remove speciesism from your daily conversations.


Republican government, with checks and balances, on the other hand...

Nobody's too stupid for democracy. The French got it, after all.

Then again, anyone can aspire to mob rule. Just form a mob.

Presup has a feature like X, and X is bad - therefore Presup is bad.

^ Incredibly common objection.

What never fails to amuse me is when folks who criticize presup utterly fail to properly study it, then go on for hours/days/months/years telling us how if we'd only listen, they could properly explain it to us, when we tell them they don't understand it.

Really? Okay, fella.

When Randroids attack: Enthusiasms trump those silly history and philosophy texts!

When the article's content doesn't actually answer the question the title asks, this is called "clickbait".
RT How should worship leaders think about things like stage presence, techical ability, and aesthetic sensibilities as they relate to congregational singing? I attempted to put some thoughts together about it here:


If we're going to lionize anyone, we should lionize faithful pastors and missionaries.

"So let no one despise him." - Paul to the Corinthians, re: Timothy.

When someone runs a good race - why shouldn't we celebrate them?

Think, older people, of the young people in your church. Don't discourage them from doing the hard things of Christian life.

Do you want them to be like John Chau? I get more impressed with him the more I learn.

It's scary how well it knows you, Calvinist Twitter. You're all insane.

I forced a bot to read 10,000 Calvinist Twitter tweets, and asked it to tweet.

It came up with a meme about a Baptism debate between a dispensationalist Presby and a Clarkian Baptist, that spanned 18 threads, averaged 3 sub-tweets/second, and veered into oncoming traffic twice.

I know this tweet is tongue in cheek - but even cheap conferences are expensive, if you factor in travel, hotel, food, and etc.

That'd be like half a month's paycheck for me.

That's a good enough reason to refrain from repentance (and registering) ;)

Some are not, granted - gravity wins against us all - but mature men develop wider shoulders, more muscle mass; and women grow *more* voluptuous, as compared to their younger selves, respectively.

Like I said, counter-cultural, but I'm pretty sure that'd hold up to pushback.

Thesis: (This is counter-cultural, somewhat - at least in modernity.)

The physical characteristics of the opposite sex *most* valued throughout history (aside from symmetrical features) - for men as well as women - are *enhanced* by maturity and life events.

Also, that's totally fine - again, we males only have to fool *one* person into believing we are attractive. We're cool with that.

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