Someday, at the Final Day, so many of us will come to realize, in fullness, how often we slandered brothers and sisters in ignorance—an ignorance grounded, today, in the impersonal arena of the Internet. Focus on issues, not on persons, or get ready for some grief in That Day.


I just tried to use humor to get out of an interminable social-justice thread.

Conclusion: social justice warriors have to turn in their sense of humor to get their “truly woke” credentials.

Must be a real downer of a life!

Today on Radio Free Geneva:

1) Review and refutation of some of the NIFB’s “Calvinism Refuted” videos.

2) Important discussion of the rise of “Textual Traditionalism” in Reformed, and specifically Reformed Baptist, circles.

Was listening to a lecture about the Great Mortality today while driving (i.e., the Black Death), and was reminded of the period of global warming between 1100 and 1300 that led to a DOUBLING of the world’s population. I guess the cows were at it then, too!

And now to completely change the topic….

I enjoy watching this.

It was a different day back then. I appreciate someone who can laugh at themselves. I laugh at myself…daily.

Just wait till next week when you discover Summer’s new favorite female figure from church history!

I will just say that she no longer wants to be called Shelli Free Willy White. Her knew hoped for name includes “Hille.” Teaser for next week!

I’ll just leave this here.

Segregated churches—bad if “white,” good if…anything else.

May I repeat myself?

Colossians 3:10-11


I agree with Tim Keller that a predominantly white church is hard to defend, but ethnic churches are *more* than churches and are, ergo, good. Why does TK understand this so well and others do not? I dunno? Has the multi-ethnic discourse has closed itself off from criticism???


The sessions from G3 have now been posted. My presentation on reaching out in love to our Muslim neighbors.

He who unrepentantly refers to brothers in Christ as “Oreos” based upon ethnocentricity continues his campaign to build the tallest wall of division possible.

Every day brings me more and more evidence of the massive shift in our society. The push-back on space exploration in my own threads, and this appropriate Walsh insight as well.


There was a time when men would never pretend that they were beaten and defiled in the street. If anything, a man who really was a victim would lie out of pride and pretend that he wasn't. But that was back when victimhood was not considered a desirable status.


4) I, too, can be influenced by external factors, which is why consistent exegesis is so vital.

5) I must balance the need to be constantly gracious and gentle (James 3:17) with the recognition that we live in a day of great challenges both outside and inside the church.

May I simply state my presuppositions in looking at the Sam Allberry materials?

1) Allberry makes a credible, clear confession of faith.

2) I am not God and therefore I must operate in light of #1.

3) Credible confessors can be deeply influenced by negative factors.

There is something truly amazing, and haunting, about this 2010 picture from Opportunity. Tire tracks on another world. Opportunity was such a smashing success. Good job, little rover.

I am going to try to get through the Allberry/RZIM audio (2 hours) asap. I have already heard statements that left me in shock, but I want the entire context.

Anderson has finished his ten part series. We are only up to part 3 this week.

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